An awards gala to honor independent Content Creators

in TV, Film, and Web platforms.



The Akon Cultivator of the Year Nominees:

The Akon Cultivator Award is named after Akon, a world renowned entertainer, that has cultivated the careers of other artists' and continues to make an impact on those inside and outside the music industry. He works diligently to build up communities across the globe and continues to support independent endeavors.

This is a special achievement award for those in our Atlanta Independent Community who go above and beyond, dedicating themselves to cultivate others and inspire artists to push for their dreams, while often going unnoticed.



Sharon M. Thomas-Tomlinson, born and raised in Chicago, IL is the CEO and founder of Studio 11 Films, based in Atlanta, GA and the production company behind The 11Eleven11 Projectâ„¢, the revolutionary and unique project that provides aspiring and emergent writers, directors, producers and editors the opportunity to create and produce 11 short films and/or 11 episodes of a television series.

Senior Architect

Gail Tassell founded Acuity Entertainment Management with a vision to inspire, guide, produce and build a family of successful actors, screenwriters, producers and filmmakers. The company is comprised of three divisions: Management, Consulting and Production.

Senior Architect

Winsome Sinclair has over 2 decades of experience to her credit, this industry veteran sits on the board of directors of the African-American Women In Cinema Foundation. Sinclair is a co-founder and serves as producer for the full-service production company, Legacy Media Group (LMG).

The program, presented by Legacy Media in conjunction with Medgar Evers Personal Development Institute and affiliated with the Adult Continuing Education at Medgar Evers College, gives students hands-on training and preparation for a career in film and television production.


Todd Anthony Manaigo is an Atlanta-based Actor, Coach, Writer, and Director. As an instructor at Premier Actors' Network,

Todd has coached several actors and focuses on developing actors for leading roles in theatre, film and television.


Dwayne Boyd is then Founder of Premier Actors' Network  as well as an Atlanta-based Actor, Producer,  Coach, Writer, and Director. Boyd incorporates on-camera work, monologues, improvisations, scene study, and character development within his classes; to prepare his students for roles in TV, film, commercials, and theatre. He then provides them with an acting showcase at least twice a year, where they perform in front of family, friends and industry personnel, such as; agents, casting directors, and producers. His recent showcase deemed to be the best showcase thus far in metro Atlanta; as exclaimed by very prominent talent agents and casting directors in attendance. In addition to the many accolades, eighty percent of the actors obtain opportunities for agent representation following the showcase.