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Content Creators of Atlanta

A rock-star night for the real heroes of content - the Writers!

Bridge 17 Scriptwriters’ Studio a company that promotes screenwriting education through weekly and term courses as well as hires screenwriters for independent projects created the Content Creators of Atlanta Awards to celebrate the Real Heroes of Content - the writers!

This is the first event in Atlanta to highlight the screenwriters and other content creators. Expect to see visual pitches from Content Creators within select categories and offer an award to the best of each category.

2017 - Winners

Congrats to all the writers for their hard work and dedication to the craft.

John Palomino - Man of the House

Best Promotional Trailer

After an unfortunate event occurs, a young boy and his family must overcome trauma and adapt to a new way of life.

Avery O. Williams - Just Divorced

Best Web Series

A four times divorced relationship counselor struggles to develop a television show that offers marriage advice while her own personal and family life tips precariously in and out of balance. 

Yasmin Neal - Queen of Kings

Best Short Film

Lust, love, war, and treachery guides this amazing tale of the life of Pharaoh Hatshepsut; who is the first and only woman ever to rule Egypt for over 20 years; in what was known as the perfect reign.

Hannah Aslesen - Fight or Flight

Best Social Media/Variety Comedy

A naive young woman gets in an elevator after a brief conversation with her paranoid best friend. A conversation that will cause her to see the situation for way more than it really is.

Kristin Topps & Herman Robinson - The Clarks

Best Comedy Teleplay

A tale of finding "out" and fun amongst an unassuming mixed up modern family.

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Gabrielle Briana - The Butterfly Ring

Best Episodic Drama Teleplay

Atlanta is becoming a national hub for entertainment..and human trafficking. Here, the lines between the rich, poor and downright dirty are blurred. Everyone wants to be at the top. They'll do anything to get there. Once you're in, there is no out. There's a reason they call it "The Ring". 

UPDATE: Fresh off her win, Briana was just signed to a literary agent!

Nakia Stephens - Cream x Coffee

Best Web Series Screenplay

A Pro Black Girl is, Accidentally, down for the swirl.

Jean-Pierre C. Chapoteau - Les Garcons

Best Short Screenplay

A notorious thief breaks into a museum and gets an unexpected surprise.

Anthony Nixon & Carmen Williams - 11.28

Best Feature Screenplay

An impoverished family struggles to improve their lives, while a local cop with a vendetta against one of the family members harasses them until things turn deadly.